Have you ever gone back to see the house you grew up in?  A couple of times, while visiting some friends near my old neighborhood, I’ve taken a little detour and driven down my old street – the street where my childhood home is located.  The first time I did this, I just kept on driving – catching a fleeting glimpse as I observed the many renovations happening on the block.  The second time, I actually stopped my car in front of the house for a few, brief moments.  Although I didn’t stay long, I was so tempted to knock on the door and ask if I could please come in.  Why do I feel so compelled to do that?

Maybe it’s because I’m just basically a big ‘ole, mushy, nostalgic, sentimental-type of person.  Quite honestly, I think it would be cool to have the opportunity to take that stroll down memory lane.  After all, so much happened in that place – some good and some bad.  Perhaps I could run up the stairs and take a peek out from my old bedroom window.  And then, maybe take a quick tour around the rest of the place.  I’m confident the house won’t look anything like it did when I was growing up – ownership has likely changed a couple of times already.

The current owners might think I’m some sort of a maniacal nutcase – and possibly even call “911!”  These days, most people wouldn’t dream of letting a total stranger into their home.  I don’t blame them.  As we all know, the world has changed so much since many of us were young. However, I’ll bet that years ago, the owners would not only have invited me in — they probably would have insisted that I stay for dinner.  Oh well … I guess I’ll just have to reminisce about the old homestead from a distance.

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