Once upon a time, I was a newly licensed Salesperson embarking upon one of my first listing appointments.  Filled with hope and adrenalin, I proceeded in earnest to deliver a comprehensive and well-organized listing presentation.  Well, I didn’t get the listing, and through the grapevine learned that the seller thought I was “too nice.”  Apparently, he lacked confidence that I could possibly be an effective negotiator in a lucrative real estate transaction.  Naturally, I was disappointed.

Recently, I’ve read a few blogs about the developing mistreatment of real estate agents.  The real estate business has gone through many changes since my early days.  Changes in how we list, promote, market, and show properties.  Changes in how we generate leads, build relationships, network, and connect with others.  Nevertheless, fast-forward to the present and there is still something that hasn’t changed in all these years – Me.  Of course, I’m a little older and much wiser now.  Plus, I’ve discovered a few more wrinkles lately.  Yet, my personality, my demeanor, the way I conduct myself in business situations, and the manner in which I relate to others has not changed one bit.  Never will.

I strive to abide by ‘The Golden Rule.’  Moreover, I consciously aspire to treat everyone equally.  In other words, I treat the busboy with the same respect as the restaurant manager.  I treat the receptionist with the same respect as the person with whom I have a scheduled meeting.  Regardless of someone’s position – nobody deserves to be abused.  Nobody.  Do I manage to cross paths with challenging, difficult, and unsavory people from time to time?  Yes.  Am I sometimes on the receiving end of hostility and severe lack of consideration?  Yes.  Has any one person ever taken advantage of my good nature?   Not twice.

WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get.  Perhaps I should add the letters WYSIWYG to my business cards.  After all, I’m outwardly and consistently upbeat, conscientious, diligent, loyal, dependable, hard working, kind, and compassionate – loaded with integrity and bundles of energy.  Oh … and I’m also a ‘nice’ person.  Without a doubt, I have numerous colleagues out there who are exactly like me too!  So, aside from my professional accomplishments and local industry recognition, could I be more successful?  That depends on how you measure success.  All I know is that I like who I am and I like what I do.  And, I sleep very well at night.

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