Is this a phone call you dread getting from your parent?  Especially if you have an elderly parent, you’ve probably received at least one of these phone calls in your lifetime.  You know the one – it goes something like this:

Mom:  Carie?
Carie:  Hi Mom!  What’s going on?
Mom:   Something terrible has happened!
Carie:  Oh, No!  Who died?!?
Mom:   No one.  I just hit something on my computer and now I can’t do anything!  Everything was working fine a minute ago!  Help, I don’t know what to do!  Can you fix it for me?

Typically, when I get these types of calls from my mother, the first thing I do is make sure she hasn’t flipped any switches or unplugged anything.  Once we’ve covered that portion of crisis intervention, I can usually walk her through the necessary steps to get her up and running again.  Other times – not so much.  When the situation at hand is more complicated and not easily resolved, I now have a method for fixing long distance computer issues quickly and efficiently.

Get free remote access to any computer – anywhere.  Recently, I discovered a website called, and after my mom and I followed a few simple instructions … viola!  I could see and manipulate everything on her computer from my own personal computer.  No longer do we have to spend tedious and agonizing hours going through “okay click on this” and “what do you see now” scenarios.  More importantly, the good news is:  Once you calmly eliminate all the frustrations and miscommunications associated with trying to help someone over the telephone – chances are you’ll still be speaking to one another afterwards.

I suppose my 10-year-old nephew is always a last resort option.   After all, he is often times my go-to-person for anything high-tech or computer related.  I’ve actually thought about asking my young nephew to go over and help my mom in her techie times of need.  The only problem is – he doesn’t know how to drive yet.

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