Long ago, my girlfriends and I would often call one another to fret about the trials and tribulations of dating and courtship. Filled with hope and anticipation, we looked forward to celebrating the thrill and excitement of any new, blossoming relationships on the horizon.  Unfortunately, we usually ended up commiserating over failed love connections that somehow fizzled from the start.  Yet, despite  our disillusionment, we always managed to share a good laugh when someone uttered the words:  “And I shaved my legs for this?”  Because, in the end, we knew we would confidently pick ourselves up and try all over again.  Interestingly, the challenges and perils of dating and business prospecting are not that much different from one another.

Please … no more dead-end, go-nowhere, potential business prospects.  Obviously, networking, prospecting, and other lead-generating techniques are necessary prerequisites for any viable, successful, business-building plan.  However, like dating, the pitfalls of developing and nurturing potential business relationships could involve excessive time expenditures and ultimately frustration and exasperation.  You will meet with people who insist on connecting with you, scheduling an appointment with you, and then proceed to cancel on you.  Three times.  You will meet well-meaning people urging you to call their ‘friend’ who is in need of your services.  When you call their ‘friend,’ perhaps the ‘friend’ will have absolutely no idea why you would be calling.  At first glance, most of these “dreamy” potential business contacts seem so promising and appealing.  What’s going on?  Misleading mixed signals?  Change of heart?  They found someone better?

In the dating world, we’ve all heard the saying:  “Sometimes you have to kiss a lot of toads before you find your prince.”  I suppose the business world translation to this phrase would be:  “Sometimes you have to hear “No” numerous times before you hear “Yes.”  Disappointment is part of life.  Rejection is part of life.  Failure is part of life.  We all know it is imperative to never give up.  Plus, at the onset, we should approach each prospective opportunity as if it was truly the one we’ve been waiting for all of our lives.  Recently, I heard another wonderful quote:  “A winner is a loser who decided to get up and try one more time.”  Very profound and makes total sense.  It’s just that sometimes in life we all start to feel a little weary from having to kiss so many toads.

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