Wallpaper Stripper

While wandering around The Home Depot last week, I ran into a gentleman who – many years ago – stripped unsightly wallpaper from a quaint, little ‘Handyman Special’ I was rehabbing at the time.  Like other independent contractors seeking to stay competitive, he has since added related decorating and remodeling services to his repertoire.  Meanwhile, after exchanging business cards and a handshake, I started to think about the not-so-recent, emerging patterns of professional diversity.  Clearly, these patterns are not limited to the home remodeling industry.  As a matter of fact, one of my favorite Thai carry-out spots recently expanded its menu to include sushi, pizza, burgers, and barbecue.  Is this always a good thing?

Trying To Be All Things To All People

In an attempt to stay relevant and improve profits, many people are trying to ‘Do It All.’  Of course, we’ve witnessed companies who have successfully diversified by assembling staffs of trained personnel in niches complimentary to the original business model.  On the other hand, however, we’ve also seen companies who have diversified themselves right out of business.  By the way, when it comes to real estate:  Is it even possible to be an all-knowing, all-inclusive, all-around, general-practitioner-agent-extraordinaire?

magician disappear reinventNecessity Is The Mother Of All REinvention

Sometimes, we might find it necessary to stop and assess our personal ‘slice of heaven.’  Perhaps we may discover the need to redirect our efforts entirely.  After all, many of us are now ‘Entrepreneurs’ – opting to take control of our own professional landscapes.  So, let’s say you’ve garnered a valuable and transferrable skill set.  Plus, you’re a bright and talented individual overflowing with creativity, passion, integrity, and downright fabulousness.  In other words – the total package.  The possibilities should be practically endless, yes?

We Are, As They Say, Proverbial ‘Works In Progress’

The truth is:  We are all constantly evolving.  And naturally, we hope to experience and savor meaningful development and growth along the journey.  It is virtually impossible to predict when we’ll encounter new opportunities or elect to take a leap of faith.  Quite frankly, these moments seem to invariably surface when we least expect them.  Alas, change is an inevitable part of life.  Change can be scary and exciting at the same time.  Personally, I tend to embrace change – rather than fight it.  What about you?

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