Woman Writing Telephone

Don’t Tell Me Anything You Don’t Want Me To Remember

I have a great memory.  I can remember phone numbers of friends and relatives from when I was a young girl.  I know my driver’s license and credit card numbers by heart.  I can recite dialogue from an episode of a favorite television show that I haven’t seen in years.  More importantly, however, I rarely forget what someone tells me.

Perhaps It’s A Gender Thing

Guys, you know what I’m talking about.  In fact, I’m fairly certain that most men who’ve ever been in a committed relationship with a woman can relate to the not-so-little-secret I am about to share. Ready?  Here it is:  We women have the uncanny ability to remember every single detail a man has ever uttered to us during the course of any conversation.  A conversation that could have taken place anywhere.  Any time.  In any decade.  Follow me – I’ll illustrate:


Carie:  Remember when you said such and such?

Him:  Nope.

Carie:  C’mon – yes you do!  Don’t you remember?  We were standing in the lobby during intermission at that play we went to about 2 ½ years ago.  You said blah, blah, blah about this?  Then you said blah, blah, blah about that?  Surely you remember, don’t you?

Him:  Nope.


All Kidding Aside

No matter how good my memory may be, when it comes to anything business related – I document everything.  Including conversations.  Personally, I am not a huge fan of unnecessary drama, dissension or complications.  As we all know, misunderstandings can  potentially lead to mutual heartbreak.  Rather, I would prefer to do my best to maintain a comprehensive communications trail for future reference.  Keeping lists has also become one of my tried-and-true hallmarks.  In my opinion, good documentation not only keeps me organized – it has the ability to quickly and effortlessly refresh the memories of everyone involved.

And, just for the record – I do remember what you said.

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