You never know how someone will react to a property.I Don't Know

I know you’re seeking feedback from me, however,  I don’t have much to tell you.  No, it’s not the room sizes.  No, it’s not the kitchen cabinets.  No, it’s not the paint color.  No, it’s not your seller’s decorating style.  I’m really sorry I can’t explain it. 

It’s true.  Often times, buyers will immediately know that they absolutely, positively adore a place – it’s perfect for them.

Sort of like love at first sight.  Other times, it may take more than one visit before a place starts to ‘grow on them.’  On the other hand, buyers might react in a less than positive way – instantly.  Perhaps it’s a vibe.  An inexplicable feeling.  Perhaps, it’s a palpable aura or energy force.  Perhaps, it’s an eerie aroma triggering an unpleasant flashback.  Whatever it is, something isn’t a good fit.  For them.

Please don’t take it personally.

I hope your seller won’t take it personally either.  Quite honestly, it really is a nice place and it shows well.  Otherwise, I don’t know what else to say.  I will say this:  If my client has a change of heart, you will be the first to know.  I promise.

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