Sellers:  I Feel Your PainReal Estate Property Sold

Lately, there has been some discussion about the probable causes which may hinder the sale of a property.  Specifically, the reasons why some properties seem to languish on the market in perpetuity while others do not.  On a personal level, one of these presumably, often-occurring reasons has resonated with me: Accessibility.  So, with that in mind, permit me to escort you on a stroll down memory lane.

Why Can’t Someone Buy It Sight Unseen?

Several years ago, my condo was on the market.  The listing was given to a seasoned and well-respected colleague – a local expert from the area in which my condo was located.  Being a real estate professional myself, I already “knew the drill” about getting my place ready to show.  Then suddenly, my world was nothing short of eager anticipation mixed with agonizing trepidation.  Why?  Because I knew strangers would soon be traipsing through my home.  I knew that due to occasional erratic scheduling, I might conceivably get very little notice before certain showings.  Consequently, I knew that I would likely be inconvenienced – perhaps more than once.  I also knew that realistically, I needed to keep my home in a “semi-constant state of tidy” – just in case.  Trust me, I was far from happy.  In retrospect, however, I also knew that I had to remain mindful of the ultimate goal:  Sell the property.

Besides, How Else Might A Potential Buyer Confirm That My Kitchen Appliances Were Practically Unused

Interested buyers can’t see the unique and special characteristics of your home if they can’t see the unique and special characteristics of your home.  In my case, it certainly didn’t hurt that I was a cooking-impaired career girl.  Imagine if you will:   A refrigerator filled with nothing but the obligatory 4 bottles of nail polish, a package of AA batteries, and a jar of mayonnaise – past its expiration date.  Not to mention, a practically-fresh-from-the-showroom oven with the owner’s manual still attached to the inside rack.  Of course, in order to successfully promote and sell a property, there are other variables involved like pricing, condition, financing and timing.  Yet, one fundamental reality typically remains: A seller is looking for a buyer and a buyer is looking for a seller.  Plus, here’s the biggie:  the quicker a property sells – the less showings you have to endure.  And, THAT my seller friends is the icing on the cake.

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